Lake Vyrnwy is the perfect vantage point from which to explore the wonderful variety of bird species and flora and fauna which proliferate in the area.

The Wood Warbler
Wood Warbler

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The RSPB speaks out for birds and wildlife, tackling the problems that threaten our environment. We are the largest wildlife conservation organisation in Europe with over 1 million members. Our work is driven by the passionate belief that birds and wildlife enrich people’s lives and that the health of the bird population is indicative of the health of the planet, on which the future of the human race depends.

Lake Vyrnwy reserve lies within a special area of conservation. The reserve protects several important habitats, including dry heath and blanket bog. The RSPB here at Lake Vyrnwy, work alongside other local stakeholders in order to manage these habitats for the benefit of the birds and other wildlife that live here.


3 hides – one accessible by wheelchair

5 nature trails

Organic Farm – only accessible at certain times of the year.

Plus the following:

Stunning Waterfall

Educational facilities (we have a classroom and 2 field teachers available all year round)

Events held all year round – please see our main RSPB website for more details

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Come and see us at our RSPB visitor centre and well-stocked shop, where a warm welcome awaits you from our friendly and informative staff and volunteers. We are open all year round, 7 days a week.

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Bird Watching

Each season brings a different experience at the RSPB Reserve at Lake Vyrnwy.

The Sparrowhawk

In spring, the air is filled with birdsong as they compete to establish territories and attract a mate. Migrants such as pied flycatchers, redstarts and wood warblers arrive. Common sandpipers, dippers and grey wagtails can often be seen around the pool below the dam.

In summer, look out for young birds making their first venture into the outside world. Watch the fledglings at our feeding stations, including great spotted woodpeckers and siskin. The buzzards should be soaring overhead and golden-ringed dragonflies can be found in the forest clearings.

Autumn brings large movements of migrating birds – some heading south to a warmer climate, others seeking refuge in the UK from the cold Arctic winter. See dabbling ducks such as mallards and teals arrive at the lake, along with little grebes and possibly waders such as oystercatchers.

In winter, look out for large flocks of birds gathering to feed, or flying at dusk around the pool below the dam. Winter migrants like redwings, brambling and fieldfares arrive and the evenings will often see large roosts of lesser black-backed gulls.

Our star species are some of the most interesting birds you may see on your visit to the reserve. These include

Keep an eye out for a commotion among birds on the lake – a peregrine may be making a fly past. They are a regular sight overhead when a pair is nesting in the area.  

Stop and wait for them to dash out from the prominent perches in the trees to snap up flies in their beaks in the Spring and early Summer.

A summer visitor to the woodlands. Late spring is the time to catch the stunningly – plumaged males at their brilliant best.  

Listen for the ‘spinning coin’ song of the wood warbler coming from the oak canopy from late April into June. You will need to look closely to pick out this yellow, green and white warbler among the fresh spring foliage.

As you make your way through our coniferous woodland, you may be lucky enough to catch a fleeting glance of one of our Goshawks on a hunting foray.

As you make your way along the rivers of Lake Vyrnwy, keep an eye out for the iridescent flash of the Kingfisher moving from branch to branch, as it looks for small fish to make a tasty meal.

Easier to spot than the Goshawk, this exhibitionist of hawks can be frequently seen around the visitor centre area and especially our main hide in the Car Park.


A wonderful variety of bird species proliferate at Lake Vyrnwy. Ideal for birdwatching and those interested in the environment and conservation Lake Vyrnwy RSPB birdwatching wildlife birds bird species flora and fauna waterfall Lake Vyrnwy Tourism habitats conservation environment