Y Dolydd Music Project (Llanfyllin)

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Music Technology Training suite at the Beehouse Recording Studio, Llanfyllin.


Background for the Questionnaire
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Background 15/01/2014

Just as the advent of Media Studies has seriously impacted on the numbers of students taking English Language and Literature, so has the arrival of Music Technology and its dominance in the world of creative music made serious reductions in the number of students electing to study Muisc at 'A' level. But are we keeping up with this demand? Music Technology A level is still a rare beast at most sixth form colleges, partly because of its heavy reliance on a constantly upgrading software and hardware, and partly because very few teachers are available to teach the courses.

Nonetheless, indications are that a whole generation of scholars are very keen to venture into the field of Music Technology in conjunction with other complementary subjects such as Graphic Design, Music itself, Media Studies, I.T. or Business Studies.

The purpose of this study is to review the current interest in Music Technology as compared with Music, Music Performance or other Performance Subjects at Llanfyllin, Llanfair Caereinion and Welshpool Schools, and to use this data as an impetus for the development of music training facilities at the Llanfyllin Workhouse.


Limitations and Scope of this Survey


Questions asked were as follows:

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