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Shropshire Discos  by  MantraSound - DJ services and Powys discos

Business tip:
"Happiness is never remembering to ask yourself if you are happy"
Routines may be the thing you tried to escape from when you set up your own business, but a lot of heart-searching can be avoided by running elements of your life by clockwork. Man is not machine, but there's plenty of comfort in regular events and regular pleasures, saving the angst for the big decisions. So try applying patience to the need to know who, why and when, if it falls outside your daily brief. You'll probably understand when you've got time to understand.

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dairy packaging music studio music production days out in Shropshire days out in Wales decorative artwork delivery design decorative timber de-stressing activities demo recording in Shropshire de-noising de-hissing developers dive centres dj services dolls houses dressers domestic and contract reupholstery dried flowers drilling driveways dredgers ductwork dumpers recording studios Shropshire Wales Midlands Birmingham Cheshire diary management services digital recording and mixing digital mastering digital telephone services discountables - discounts warehouse discounted products discount site display products Herefordshire Worcestershire Staffordshire Warwickshire Gloucestershire