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Song Arrangement - Music Production

The Beehouse Recording Studios for Shropshire and Powys offers an original song arrangement and song production service, professional band and solo recording facilities, recording studio gift vouchers, recording studio experiences, and a variety of other audio services including mixing, mastering, CD duplication, mpeg preparation, professional backing preparation and team building activities.

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All types of professional recording !


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Recording Studio Experiences
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Treat a friend or relative to a Beehouse Recording Studio Experience - studio gift with a difference!. We offer singing and instrumental sessions such as piano, guitar bass, classical music production, songwriting and DJ experiences alongside our standard recording sessions

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The Beehouse - Recording Studios Shropshire

A Unique Recording Studio Day

When you enter the recording studio, on the day of the recording, this is possibly the second most important element in the development of your musical persona, after the creation of your own music itself. At the recording stage, many ideas begin to take on their commercially recognisable and distinctive sound, and new elements often arise during recording and production which become an inherent part of the recording in their own right. This is why it is crucial to choose the right studio and the right producer to develop your music.

The Beehouse Recording Studios has the experience, popularity and status both technically and technologically to be the "wind beneath your wings". Being well-positioned for recordings in the Powys and Shropshire area, it is also within easy striking distance of Birmingham and the rest of the Midlands. The Beehouse also has the advantage of being able to offer the customer the full package including song production, arrangement, professional digital recording, mixing, mastering and short-run CDR production.

Our parent company, Mantra CDs and Recording, has its origins as a Welsh mastering house, specialist in audio mastering and sound restoration.

Recording Studio Experiences

A word or two is essential about our recording studio experiences. A far cry from an hour in a booth blended indifferently with a backing track, our experiences comprise generally five hours spent with the artist in recording, producing and developing tracks to commercial release standard. Many aspiring new artists use our services as a testing ground to develop their first demo in our uniquely private and relaxing environment. Our vouchers are provided so that you can give a loved one or friend a studio gift tailored to their needs

A recording studio day may be singing to backings - where appropriate we will also develop a singer's your own backings which s/he may then duplicate and use on tour. We also offer music experiences such as piano experience days, guitar experience days, keyboard experiences, song-writer experiences where we teach about how to harmonise and develop the structure of your songs, classical experiences where you can sing to an accompanist, or to backings developed to your taste in the studio, as well as generally available commercial backings. We also offer DJ experiences and studio engineering and music production experiences. Our experiences can generally be anything you would wish to do at professional or commercial recording studios plus a lot more in terms of fun, education and relaxation.

The inclusion of other people in your recording is also possible by negotiation with the recording studios . Our recent repertoire has included classical singing and classical guitar, song arrangement, musical recordings such and tracks from the Phantom of the Opera, and other classics, DJ recordings, studio engineer experiences, keyboards, as well as traditional and pop songs. The CD produced at the end is never less than commercial, and often profoundly creative.

Many artists make a short holiday of the whole experience at the recording studios, staying at a local hotel or bed and breakfast.

Click here for our recording studio experience site or here for the Beehouse recording studio site

A professional recording

The Beehouse recording studios endeavours to help artists to complete their professional ventures to a fixed budget and recording studio days vary immensely in duration and style. We make every element of music production available - even from the initial song-writing, performance singing or instrument-playing if required! We do aim for a commercial product to arise from each project, regardless of the scope of the project. Our engineering staff have a wide variety of experience and great intuitive ability which can make the difference between and end product that "sits right" in the framework in which it is presented, and a messy unfinished approximation.

The Beehouse Recording Studios are set in an arrestingly wild and beautiful location which only adds to the sense of relaxation. Follow this link to the technical information page, to see the equipment we use in our studio. Recording projects are carried out at from £28 per hour , £199.75 for day 1 including the master and £170 for every subsequent recording studio day. This price includes the total attention and help of a skilled and creative engineer, and - if needed- our music production specialist. CDs can be duplicated from an amazing 90p per unit for up to 500, and we also offer in-house artwork and typesetting.

We consider ourselves very widely orientated as far as music studios are concerned and are happy to work in recording and developing any genre of music, having experience with most current and past styles, including indie track production, dance track production, eurovision tracks, choral works, metal, punk, electronica, folk, classical, ballad, rap, jazz, funk, reggae, blues, ballad, rock, and R and B.

Please take some time to look through our pages, and if you feel you would like to work with us, please get in touch by email or telephone, to chat through your project requirements.

We are accessible to large parts of Wales and England, and our customer base since establishing ourselves in this location in 1999 includes to date visitors from all over Wales, Shropshire, Gloucestershire, Cheshire, Birmingham and the Midlands, the Isle of Wight, Yorkshire, Staffordshire, Scotland, London, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Oxfordshire - not to mention the many foreign artists we have entertained, from such diverse places as France, UAE, Thailand, South Africa, the United States and so on...

Recording at the studios is regulated by professional contracts and a formal appointment system. Artists working at the recording studios are advised to telephone or email if trying to book specific dates and we will send you our contract out. If your recording session is to last more than a day, we can also help you to find suitable accommodation at a reasonable price nearby. Because of the importance we accord to administration and communication with our clientele, sessions at the studio can be more relaxed and informal, with both the artist and the recording studio or engineer producer knowing what they are doing and having a clear idea of session objectives.

If you would like to know more about the Beehouse recording studios or its associated activities, please click on the link below that interests you, or go direct to out main website

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