Dr Jane Lane

Specialist in  * Songwriting   *Music Production   *Arabic     * French     * TEFL /TESOL    *Education

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Jane is a specialist in various dialects of Arabic and ESOL teaching with a near native command of French. In 2014 she gained British Council Accreditation for a school which had previously been unsuccessful in this process, having written a specific course and protocols to meet these exacting standards.

She is accustomed to working with all ages and has had involvement in most curricular subjects over the years, being also a Music Producer and Web Designer. Her management experience has also  included staff and teacher training, finance, events organisation and customer relations. In music terms, she is frequently involved in songwriting and music production courses, and is currently writink a funk/soul album for release in 2016

She has a Degree in French/Arabic, a PGCE in TEFL/TESL/French and PhD in Arabic plus 12 years' EFL teaching experience in the Middle East. She specialises in cultural assimilation based TESOL or TAFL (Arabic) courses. Her life experience includes experience of war-torn zones and civil unrest including the threat of nuclear, biological and chemical warfare as well as working in areas of extreme poverty and deprivation. She is flexible, practical, approachable and highly literate and musical, with a strong sense of humour.

Her teaching style is learner centred and immersive, with a warm and inclusive atmosphere. Varied and stimulating content using a variety of technology and delivery methods, including drama, music and realia.

Music Specialist
Philip Lane

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