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Dr Jane Lane has a degree in French and Arabic, over a decade spent working in the Middle East with a similar time spent in France, a PGCE in ESL and Languages
and a PhD in Arabic Studies. The courses she provides are designed to stimulate a real interest in the culture and personalities which people the Middle East, or indeed France. Lessons are active, fun and calculated to tease the inquisitive.

Alongside Jane's more in-depth teaching, she also provides a series of taster courses in Arabic and French for British Schools. These can serve a variety of purposes - sometimes there is a need for additional curricular language study, such as in the Welsh Baccalaureate, sometimes it's just to open the door to a new subject, or refresh it in an interesting way. Courses of this type are usually planned individually, although the topics may be similar to those used for emergency English courses. Learning is active and students are expected to carry out familiar activities in the target language. Music is commonly a part of these short courses, leaving students with enjoyable memories. There's also a great deal of role-play.

Courses can be for 22 or 44 hours, or also for a single day or half day, depending on the requirement.

Costs (exclusive of mileage) are in the region of £400 for 22 hours and £750 for 44 hours. Day sessions cost £200 and half days are £150.

UTTA provides language and school music courses both for school pupils and for teacher training purposes. We also provide ESL, ESOL, EFL and music courses. Where required we carry current CRB and relevant professional insurance.

These courses are also available for adults. For more information about this language course, click to read about UTTA's language courses. Or contact us to make an enquiry.

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