Music courses currently take place at the Beehouse Recording Studio, a well-established and resourced studio in Powys.
Music courses at UTTA are based on creative development. We are happy to work with music notation if you wish, but our main aim is to help the artist move into a confident position where they feel in control of their output - the sounds they create, and how to manipulate them. We work extensively with singers, songwriters, and producers as well as instrumentalists, and we are comfortable with most genres. You can see our methodology here : Music Teaching Methodology.

To find out more about what is offered under each category or where you can enrol for UTTA accredited music courses, please click on the type of music course that interests you. All courses include the recording of a track or tracks as a key feature, and the majority are taught as a one-to-one or private group session:

Songwriting Course Working with one or more of your musical ideas under professional songwriting guidance to arrange, record and produce a commercial track. One to one.

Jampro Songwriting Weekend Working with a group over a weekend under professional songwriting guidance. Residential only.

Vocal Recording Course (Singing Day)
Learning singing and microphone techniques for the studio with commercial backing tracks and a professional producer and voice coach. One to one or private group.

Music Production Course Working with commercial music software and a commercial producer to produce any genre of music from dubstep and electro to fim scores. One to one or private group.

Band Recording Course Learning how to record as a band and achieve the best results. Private group.

Recording your instrument - recording techniques for using your preferred instrument within a commercial recording environment.

Innovation in Songwriting Using sound to write songs. A non-singer's guide to songwriting. One to one or private group.

Music Technology
For students with an interest in working in the music industry to broaden their musical horizons, record their own original sounds using cutting edge technology.