Band Recording :

Band recording is a unique experience both for recording artists and for a producer/recording engineer working with the band. UTTA provides courses both for band recording educational days and training courses in the field of band recording.

Working with one instrument or voice makes for a much easier life, but if you want to record a band in full performance mode in the studio you'll run into problems. Issues can be as varied as spill- the intrusion of unwelcome sounds over various elements of the recording, the positioning of mics, through to band dynamics. Whether you're a band member or an engineer, it's essential that your recording education is carried out by an experienced and skilled engineer who can show you how to avoid the pitfalls of a messy recording or total anarchy.

Live performance can also be a nightmare as people struggle with other commitments, and - the bigger the band, the more the problems!

Working with UTTA, you may get opportunities for live performance as the Beehouse gets involved in many events annually, and if you sound good, you may be in demand.
This is Hookstick Funk Band on Tour

Band Recording Courses accredited by UTTA cover the possibilities of both multitrack and live recording with the studio providing the hardware of adequately channelled mixing desk, headphones and a highly skilled recording engineer/producer to help you and guide your band recording. You will have options to work with the engineer and to record and rerecord sections and tracks to your satisfaction.

Once your recording is made you will learn how to mix your music and finally save your band's efforts to CD.

Band recording facilities accredited by UTTA will
have the capacity also to record instruments in isolation and to control and EQ the sound before it's recorded. If you have a large band, it is often desirable to record your tracks in the following order.

As a minimum, studios will have the facility to record drums, bass, guitar, keyboard, vocals and backing vocals, and will carry drums, guitars inclkuding bass, keyboards, weighted keyboards (piano), a good range of vocal mics, and, most importantly, and experienced and skilled producer engineer to dedicate the maximum possible attention to the quality of your final output.


All the educational band recording days listed here have been developed by UTTA.

band recording day at £250 for six hours
Beehouse Band Recording Day
Six hours' recording, mixing and mastering and the expertise of a professional studio engineer producer. Record a Band Studio Experience
A Record a Band Day will offer your band the possibility to record and produce to a high commercial standard.
At £250, it offers six hours in a professional studio environment.

Band Recording
A band recording can consist of covers or original tracks - or already written music of your own. It's suitable for up to five band members (please enquire if your band is larger than this).

record your band

Band Recording Day
A band recording lasts six hours and is suitable for musicians who have played in a band either previously, or maybe in different bands, and also for those just starting out who have not had much recording experience.