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Courses can be for 22 or 44 hours, or also for a single day or half day, depending on the requirement.

Costs per group
Costs per group (up to ten) are in the region of £600 for 22 hours over 4 days and £1000 for 44 hours over 8 days. This is based on courses in Shrewsbury, Oswestry, Welshpool, and Llanfyllin and covers room hire, teacher and all materials.

Day sessions cost £200 and half days are £150 at these locations.

UTTA can quote prices for individuals, but prefers group bookings generally.

Course Content
This Short Arabic Course is booked for a group of up to ten students, and is flexible to student needs - you can opt from a series of topics including but not limited to:

Essential Phrases : Greetings and More Greetings : Travel : Shopping (Numbers, Sizes, Bargaining): Talking About Yourself : At School : At Work  :   Making Conversation: Checkpoints and Customs: Going Out : Telephone : Problems and Solutions: Office and Work Language: Gender Issues: Technology and Technological Language: Doctors and Illness: Being Invited : Cooking and Food : Social Media : Say It Right : Grammar Points : Arabic Music: Specific Local Area : Religion : Ongoing Learning : Study Skills

This course is a communicative one and so speaking is the critical part. There are many different dialects, we'll use the more popular ones, so you'll have no difficulty being understood, as Arabs generally love to hear foreigners speaking their language. So the course mostly follows the Palestinian or Egyptian style, unless the group is all going to North Africa, for which I would make some adjustments to help out.

It's not a very grammatical course although you'll easily pick up some salient differences with English. Most of the sections where we look at reading and writing will be in English script - but we do look at written Arabic occasionally just to get you started and help you to read the basic signs, place names and so forth. The biggest input of the course is the introduction to Arabic culture, as there are massive differences between British and Arab culture - which are routinely discussed with every taxi driver you meet! (Grammar and written courses are, however available).

This is a fun, sociable and enjoyable introduction - role-play is a large part of the course, which will also include music, video clips and humour. If you are going to a specific job or have a particular need for your Arabic, we will build relevant and useful vocabulary into the more advanced parts of the course.

This course can be run at A1 and A2/B1 levels. Higher levels cover more by way of negotiating skills and specific workplace vocabulary and lexis. Other levels are available in different formats, please check out the information at this link or contact us.

Added extras and flexibility?

UTTA Arabic offers a wide range of different course and experiences. There are a variety of different courses for you to choose from including the simple, A1 - C1 Arabic courses. We offer business Arabic courses, short-courses and survival Arabic. During your course, not only could you learn the language but also have the chance to try your hand at calligraphic design, learn more about the Arabic culture and social notions. Depending on which course or options you choose, you may also have the opportunity to sample Arab food, try your hand at role-play experiences and musical experiences as well as much more. To find out more about the individual courses then please get in touch.


The Arab World is frequently in the news. Its recent history has been turbulent and sometimes violent. The Middle Eastern culture presents huge challenges to the Western mind, both in the perceived denial of personal freedoms inherent in its social infrastructures, and in the harshness of certain political regimes. Yet most expatriates who actually live in the Middle East tend to think of their life-styles as relatively carefree and stable.

UTTA Arabic is a course developed by Jane Lane initially for the WJEC Sixth Form Baccalaureate aiming to introduce an accessible and useful form of the Arabic Language centred on cultural role-play. The success of this style of teaching resides in the fact that meaningful and rewarding language is best absorbed in the context of sociocultural concepts which will help the learner to understand and relate to the main ideas which govern Arab behaviour and way of life.

Dr Jane Lane has a degree in French and Arabic, over a decade spent working in the Middle East, a PGCE in ESL and Languages and a PhD in Arabic Studies. The courses she provides are designed to stimulate a real interest in the culture and personalities which people the Middle East. Lessons are active, fun and calculated to tease the inquisitive.

Alongside Jane's more in-depth teaching, she also provides a series of taster courses in Arabic and French for British Schools. These can serve a variety of purposes - sometimes there is a need for additional curricular language study, such as in the Welsh Baccalaureate, sometimes it's just to open the door to a new subject, or refresh it in an interesting way. Courses of this type are usually planned individually, although the topics may be similar to those used for emergency English courses. Learning is active and students are expected to carry out familiar activities in the target language. Music is commonly a part of these short courses, leaving students with enjoyable memories. There's also a great deal of role-play.

Where are we?

We are based in Llanfyllin, on the Wales-Shropshire border near Welshpool, Oswestry & Shrewsbury. Our courses are ideal for anyone in Shropshire, Chesire, the Midlands and mid Wales and also within striking distance of Telford, Manchester & Liverpool.

What else does UTTA do?

UTTA is an organisation specialising in language and musical courses. We provide a variety of courses and workshops for the mid Wales and Shropshire area encompassing Cheshire and the Midlands. All of our musical courses will be carried out at our recording studio location on the Wales-Shropshire border and our language courses will take place in and around the local area. For more information about UTTA and its courses, please visit the UTTA homepage.

For more information , please get in touch.

This Course is developed by UTTA and follows the UTTA language teaching methodology.

UTTA Language Course Guidelines:

The UTTA teaching style is a specific and experiential style of teaching.

You can see the general language course guidelines here.