All UTTA language courses are taught according to the UTTA immersive style incorporating active learning and cultural modelling as fundamental principles.

UTTA currently offers its own model courses in French, EFL and Arabic. Please enquire for details. Courses suitable for up to 10 persons. UTTA model language courses are taught according to UTTA language teaching principles with the emphasis being on effective oral communication and accurate written support studies.

An immersive course consists of 22 hrs' tuition per week. Other activities such as music activities, walking, cooking, eating out, planning and executing events, swimming trips and so forth take up a further six hours.

Courses are suitable for students at A1-C1 levels, and differentiation is provided to ensure swift language skills development for all. Student language levels on entering and leaving the course are monitored with reference to the CEFR and other international schemes. A certificate showing students levels and achievements is awarded at the end of the course

Our business courses are aimed at developing useful fluency over a period of two weeks. There are no examinations but we can use the course to prepare for specific examinations if so required.

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