team building activities

UTTA team building activities include music days, singing days, and occasionally language learning. All are fun, some are more challenging than others, but all are aimed at increasing the sense of team, direction and working together.

Team Building Activity based on the Wales Shropshire border near to Shrewsbury, Welshpool and Oswestry. We offer unique enjoyable and rewarding team building activities based around the musical theme of a recording studio.

1. Participants create a song, piece of music, jingle or anthem for their organisation or company which is theirs to keep at the end of the session. Apart from forging strong and cooperative links between team participants, the end product can provide the organisation or business with advertising or promotional material to bring them into the public visit our main website.

2. Participants sing to a number of their favourite songs, choosing parts and groups to work most dynamically. A great bonding opportunity.

Catering for Powys, Shropshire, Wales, Cheshire, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, the Midlands and beyond.

Depending on the format of the event, it can either be quite challenging, or just an opportunity to let your hair down, particularly if it's singing to all your staff's favourite tracks.

Please feel free to speak with Jane about this product - with ten years in management she'll help you arrange a really productive and positive day for your team.

Team Building Days take place at the Beehouse Recording Studio. The standard session caters for up to twelve participants and costs £250, with a surcharge of £25 for each additional person. We can extend the day or the number of participants by arrangement, and we are very flexible as to what you do with your time. Dates of courses and exact details of activities need to be agreed in advance, but the usual full session is described at this link : team building activity. There is also a paypoint at this link.