UTTA English:

English for Speakers of Other Languages : click here for courses running this year

For those of you who may be getting confused with all the acronyms, the following types of English Teaching courses are supplied by UTTA.

EFL Courses (English as a Foreign Language)
ESL Support Teaching (English as a Second Language)
ESOL Courses (English for Speakers of Other Languages)
English Lyric Writing Courses
EAL Courses (English for Speakers of Additional Languages)
EAP Courses (English for Academic Purposes)
Active English Courses (Learning by Doing)
ESP Courses (English for Specific Purposes)
ELT Courses (English Language Teaching)

CELTA Training (currently awaiting certification) (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults)

UTTA Language Course Guidelines:
The UTTA teaching style is a specific and experiential style of teaching. In order to be accredited by UTTA, institutions have to demonstrate not only excellent organisational and administrative systems, but a commitment to this very dynamic teaching style.

Please click here to see our English Teaching methodology.

To be accredited by UTTA, language courses need to exhibit a number of fundamental principles. For a full description of course styles which are likely to receive accreditation, please send for a brochure.


Management Guidelines