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UTTA is the name of the organisation set up by Jane Lane to provide courses and course guidance and development in the fields of Modern Langages (including ESOL and EFL) and Music. Courses and development principles fall broadly into two categories with some overlaps, revolving around LANGUAGE COURSES and MUSIC COURSES.

UTTA courses are all about breaking down barriers. Based on the theory that learning takes place most effectively in a need to know situation, and relies on osmotic actions of the student as well as immersion by the teaching entity, courses provided by UTTA are developed to draw on and manipulate students' own drive to communicate their ideas and thoughts, in symbiosis with the clear direction of a skilled and committed teacher, meaning that theskills which evolve are of extreme personal value both during and after courses finish.

UTTA provides dynamic language courses, practical ESOL courses,language courses, creative music workshops, a particularly great Arabic course,and active learning EFL courses.

So UTTA develops, organises and runs its own courses and propotype courses but also monitors other courses which fulfil its course requirements and meet its standards.

the way we do it

UTTA's Methodology is defined a little differently in each of the fields below.

Language Teaching Methodology
Music Teaching Methodology
ESOL/EFL Teaching Methodology
Methodology is still evolving, and therefore there is also a core methodology at this link.

Our Teaching and Learning Policy is below:

Language Teaching and Learning Policy

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